BETA is a regional financial institution, targeting to provide high quality ‘boutique’ services to its clients. BETA was established and started trading in the Athens Stock Exchange in 1995.


In 2001 BETA became a member of the Athens Derivatives Market holding high market share. Since 2005, BETA acts as the clearing broker of Bank of Attica, using the bank’s network of branches all over Greece, further expanding its retail operations.

In 2007 BETA was one of the first eight brokerage firms to become foreign member of the Cyprus Stock Exchange within the common platform.

Ιn May 2012 Beta concluded the merge with Fortius Securities reaching domestic market share in ASE spot market at 2,5%.


BETA maintains a branch network around Greece consisting of representative offices as well as independent brokers who act as introducing agents. Its customer base consists of more than 50,600 clients, with clients’ assets reaching near  €100m .

BETA’s clientele consists of high net worth individual investors, corporate accounts and institutional investors (both local and international). Institutional Investors’ transactions account for approximately 35% of the company’s trading volume.

BETA has been consistently featuring in the top ten most profitable brokers in Greece. Pre-tax profit CAGR (2003-2010) was 14.5% despite the difficult economic conditions in the domestic and international markets.