Asset Management

 In terms of wealth management our asset management department offers specialized services of a live portfolio management which are custom made depending on each client’s investment objectives and risk profile.

 The basic principles on which our asset management services are based are the following:

  • Customization
    Each client has his own investment objectives and risk profile. In cooperation with our investment advisors we decide which investment strategy is the most suitable for the client.
  • Professionalism
    Our investment decisions are the product of in depth analysis and many years of experience and know-how on how financial markets behave. Our investment strategy is monitored constantly by the Investment Committee.
  • Transparency
    On a monthly basis asset management clients receive detailed statement of their positions as well as historical trades. These informations are available to them any time with just a phone call.

Asset management principles are also characterized by the following:

  • Consistency to the principles of efficient management.
  • The creation of standardized portfolios which cover each investor’s personal investment goals.
  • The development of long-term relationships of trust with our clients. Frequent communications in conjunction with a thorough understanding of each client’s needs are the basic ingredients for a successful relationship with our clients